S3 Error when running Terraform init

Hi team,

We are running the backend in S3 and have the following options filled out;
bucket, key, workspace_key_prefix, region, dynamodb_table, profile encrypt.

The error we are getting when running terraform init is;

Error refreshing state: state data in S3 does not have the expected content.

This may be caused by unusually long delays in S3 processing a previous state
update.  Please wait for a minute or two and try again. If this problem
persists, and neither S3 nor DynamoDB are experiencing an outage, you may need
to manually verify the remote state and update the Digest value stored in the
DynamoDB table to the following value:

The error is supposed to show a value from the DynamoDB table but doesn’t show anything. The weird thing is after we run this terraform init and get the error, we then gain access to the workspaces and can run plan, apply etc. The digest values in S3 and DynamoDB are the same.

Would someone have any suggestion on why this may be happening?