Sanity check with Consul Watch

Hi all,

Could someone take a look on my issue please? I am fairly sure that I miss something obvious here.

I have an EC2 box with two containers. A vault and a consul client container that are communicating in host network mode.
I am trying to use consul watch to set up a notification, if a key (or a keyprefix) has changes, in order kick off an ansible pipeline to update passwords on some backends.

I am trying to make the basic example work with a KV version 2 store. I have created a kv/mystuff/foo key to use for the first eyeballing as a basic manual example.
My consul config looks like this:

“server”: false,
“leave_on_terminate”: true,
“retry_join”: [“provider=aws tag_key=aws:cloudformation:stack-name tag_value=my-consul”],
“bind_addr”: “{{ GetInterfaceIP "eth0" }}”,
“enable_local_script_checks”: true,
“telemetry”: {
“dogstatsd_addr”: “localhost:8125”,
“disable_hostname”: true
“watches”: [{
“type”: “key”,
“key”: “kv/mystuff/foo”,
“handler”: “/tmp/”

The is a simple echo:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
echo “it was called”

The client itself is happy and working, unlike the watch.
It seems that, if I log in to Vault and change the kv/mystuff/foo, the consul watch does not detect any changes. Could someone do a sanity check please, if this should work?


Hi @Peter,

Consul Watches detect changes in Consul’s KV store, not Vault’s. You should see a change notification if you create and then modify the key path directly in Consul.

There are a number of GitHub issues requesting Vault add support for change notifications, for example I’m not certain whether this functionality was ever added. You may want to ask this question over in the Vault category/forum where you may receive a better response.

Hope this helps.

Hi @blake,

Thanks for taking a look. I was hoping that through the Consul client, the Watch can eyeball the Consul backend. I have tried on the backend/consul-server directly, but no joy there either.
Thanks for linking the issue, by the look, I might be indeed trying to get something work that is not complete yet.