Save image secret (MFA QR code) in vault

I have some QR code images (best example would be root credential MFA QR code of AWS). Is there any way to save them in Vault?

Sure, base64 it and save it as a value somewhere.

@jeff Thank you for the suggestion !

Let me explain the complete use case here.

Our company use a secret manager and there are multiple QR saved in it. Say i migrate those into vault (by converting it in base64 and then saving it in kv store). But how the clients/customer will be able to get that file from vault UI as image. I don’t want to provide them base64 string and leave the rendering part for them. May be a download file option here.

At some future point, i may need to provide them an upload option to save their new image secrets.

How can i achieve this ?

You can’t – what you put into Vault is what you get out, so if you are putting in a base64 value that’s what you get out. At least in our UI – you could have your own UI on top for a customized experience (our UI is just an API client, nothing more).

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