School Research Project

Hi everyone,

My name is Sean and i’m a student at Howest. For my research project i got the question of a company to build a application envolving terraform and azure. The purpose of the application is to automatically setup various azure environments for education purposes when needed, so when time goes by the educator doesn’t have to manually recreate each environment again.

My question to those interested is, if some of you have an idea of what some of these educational environments could look like? For example, the educator is teaching his/her ‘students’ about some web application possibilities, he/she could setup a azure app service plan together with 2 app services, in which the students then each get to play around in their own resource group. Something else could be a vnet that gets setup with 1 vm creation. It would then be the students job to put this vm in the correct vnet… It’s just a silly example i’m trying to give. It’s about how the .tf files could look like.

Thanks in advance for the responses :slight_smile: