Scrape service to prometheus

Hi all,

Have any java service with address: – running on Kubernetes and return anything (hello word)
service name - demo
Path with return all regular metrics like this:

HELP jvm_buffer_count_buffers An estimate of the number of buffers in the pool

TYPE jvm_buffer_count_buffers gauge

jvm_buffer_count_buffers{application=“java-demo”,id=“mapped”,} 0.0
jvm_buffer_count_buffers{application=“java-demo”,id=“direct”,} 10.0
jvm_buffer_count_buffers{application=“java-demo”,id=“mapped - ‘non-volatile memory’”,} 0.0

HELP jvm_memory_committed_bytes The amount of memory in bytes that is committed for the Java virtual machine to use

TYPE jvm_memory_committed_bytes gauge

jvm_memory_committed_bytes{application=“java-demo”,area=“nonheap”,id=“CodeHeap ‘non-nmethods’”,} 2555904.0
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{application=“java-demo”,area=“nonheap”,id=“Metaspace”,} 3.6569088E7

Now - connect my service inside Service Discovery prometheus with config :
prometheus.yml: |
- job_name: CONSUL
metrics_path: ‘/actuator/prometheus’
- server: ‘consul-server:8500’
services: [“demo”]
after my deploy configmap have service discovery CONSUL active but in target endpoint return erorr Get “”: EOF

The 100% file is fine because inside pod the return metrics without error
How can configure this ? What is problem ? Maybe anyone have example with config?