SecureVault Environment


So in my company we have something called SecureVaults (literally a developer env but with secure connections due to our clients data), currently we have it setup on AWS with Terraform but we are considering moving to vagrant, is that a viable usage?

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I guess I’d probably ask for a bit more information. What are you planning on using with Vagrant? A hypervisor like VirtualBox or VMWare, or do you still plan on using AWS with Vagrant over Terraform?

I don’t know if there is a vagrant provider for terraform, but I think you could move to

or Nomad easily instead.

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Sure, currently i’m running some shell scripts on terraform that has commands do modify the vbox and thats becoming hard to manage so i’m thinking in just use the terraform to define the resources like subnets etc for the VPC and the vagrant to manage the whole vbox machines.

That does sound pretty difficult to manage. Going back to your original question, are you asking if Vagrant is a viable option for managing your production instance of SecureVault in place of terraform? If so, I take back my recommendation of Vagrant! Vagrant should only be used for development, never in production :slight_smile:

Naaa its not for production, its for development, basically secure dev envs to contain the clients data from being accessed outside.

I see! Yeah ok, in that case, I think Vagrant would work well for your use-case.

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