Security announcements and mailing list

Your recommendation for production hardening describes subscribing to the mailing list (Google Group) that is now phased out. Shouldn’t you be updating the page with the Discussion forum?

And regarding the security updates, wouldn’t it be possible to have a separate thread/tag that is only used for the security updates/announcements?

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Pinging @DevOpsRob in this discussion :wink:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention all. I’ll work with the team to update the guidance here as appropriate


Hi @Kosmas,

The Vault mailing list mentioned in the guide ( is being transitioned to an announce-only list for new Vault releases. Security updates are featured in the announcements of new Vault versions. It will still be the best place to get information about when a release happens and whether it contains security content.


Hi @mladlow,

thank you.

It was about the page here: . The link goes to the Google Group but I think should point to the threads here :slight_smile:

I’ve created a PR to add a reference to Discuss to the production hardening guide. I do think that if you’re only interested in security updates and new releases, the mailing list is the best place to get those updates.

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