Security vulnerability PRISMA-2022-0227

Dear HashiCorp team,

Please provide a statement on the following security vulnerability, found in terraform_provider_helm - 2.9.0
PRISMA-2022-0227 | high | | v3.9.0 | fixed in v3.10.0 | > 8 months

If the issue is not relevant or a false positive, please provide a statement as well.

Thank you for the assistance on this!

You are posting in a community discussion forum. If you are looking for an official response from HashiCorp, and have a commercial support contract with them, you may wish to use instead.

That sounds like something you’d ask an employee, contractor or paid third party to do, rather than an anonymous internet forum?

This appears to be a private vulnerability reference from a commercial vulnerability scanner. It has no meaning to people (like me) not paying that vendor for services.