Select particular map element based on environment name

I have a json file which is having a map of environments.
“env” : {


    "backendAppId" : "2a154e74-9ca3-40a5-b1fb-1233444",

    "backendServiceUrl" :"https://url",

    "roleName" :"Dev.Access"



    "backendAppId" : "f00e20c7-0c1a-4913-a2123344",

    "backendServiceUrl" :"https://url",

    "roleName" :"Dit.Access"  


Based on the env value , i need to fetch the right object from the map.

locals {

api_details = jsondecode(file(“api-source.json”))

env_info = [for env in local.api_details.env: env => “dev”]


How can i get the correct env object from the map? Appreciate your help on this