Sentinel parameter and enforcement override not working

I am trying to explore the capability of sentinel parameter override and enforcement override based off the documents

  1. Sentinel CLI Configuration File Syntax | Sentinel by HashiCorp
  2. Override Files | Sentinel by HashiCorp

When I try to put the param override config in the sentinel.hcl it works fine with sentinel apply command but when I try to run it by the policy sets in terraform enterprise the override does not work. It uses the default param values present in the sentinel policy.

The same is the issue with enforcement override. Its does not show any effect

What could be the issue ?


I see you’re having some issues with overriding Sentinel parameters in TFC/TFE. The Sentinel implementation in TFC/TFE does not support parameters in the sentinel.hcl file, though the CLI does.

Please test using the API or the UI to declare your parameter values, and let me know if you experience further issues with this approach.

Ok… is this the same case for enforcement override as well ?

Hi @ashwinkupatkar. Currently, override files are not supported in TFC and can only be used directly in the CLI. Supplying override files in a static policy set (you cannot control the override files programmatically within the worker) is not the recommended use case for overrides.

Could you provide some more details on how you were going to determine the correct override to use?