Sentinel v0.16.0 - HCL configuration, remote sources and version import!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.16.0 of the Sentinel runtime.

For the most recent changes, see the release notes:

To download the latest version of the Sentinel CLI, see the downloads page:

This is a big update, introducing a number of features including HCL configuration files, remote sources and a new version import!

What is the Sentinel Runtime?

The runtime represents the Sentinel language engine and is the technology that is integrated into the enterprise versions of our open source products such as Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad. Updates to the runtime may fix bugs or add features that are generally associated with the language itself and the standard library.

Functionality specifically associated with one product (example: Terraform Cloud and Enterprise’s Terraform-related imports) are updated on a separate schedule and are generally tracked within that product’s release notes.

Watch that product’s release notes as well for when they update the runtime - each product tracks the runtime on different schedules.

What is the Sentinel CLI?

The Sentinel CLI is a command-line interface for developing and testing policies. Having a standard workflow to develop policies is critical for our mission of policy as code. The CLI allows full use of the Sentinel engine, standard library, and supplied mock data to effectively test policies before they are added to a product that integrates Sentinel.

We ship an up-to-date version of the Sentinel CLI for every release of the runtime. To use the newest changes, download the simulator at the downloads page referenced at the start of this message.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the release!

Sentinel v0.16.1 has been released!

This release contains a number of bug fixes. Some updates in runtime/eval were performed to ensure any, all and contains expressions all handled undefined correctly. An issue with inline # style comments not being consumed was resolved in lang/scanner. Additionally, some fixes in management of import processes were added.

Don’t forget to check the release notes and the downloads page!