Service mesh and microservice connection to Consul

Hi, I’m writing here because after many researches I could not find an answer to my question. I have a possible solution but I don’t know if it’s the right one.

I already use Consul in the microservices architecture for KV and, most of all, distributed locking. The ACL is activated and every service requiring access to Consul has an access token.

Now I’m investigating on service mesh solutions and one of which is using Consul also for this purpose. What I can’t figure out is the best approach to keep using Consul for the same purposes of locking and KV while in the mesh.

If the microservice requires access to Consul, shall I create a different access token just for it or is there a way to use the token generated by the init-container auth method? Is this exposed on the FS or as an env variable?
For the locking, I need a session and checks to invalidate the session. At this stage I register the service in Consul via the api. What checks should I use in case of the mesh? Can I refer somehow to the check that are defined by the sidecar or is that conceptually wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!