Set Consul Log Level to Error

Hi there,

I am struggling at the moment in setting the Log Level to Error.
I have deployed Consul v. 1.8.4 in a Kuberntes Cluster with Kubernetes version 1.21.2.
I have deployed Consul by executing the following command:
helm install consul hashicorp/consul --set, log.level=error -n prod --version 0.25.0

When I check the logs in the pods, I can still see INFO logs.
Could you please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thank you advance,

Hello @mike-miller-ct

I have not tried this in my environment yet, but I see that log level is a global attribute. Can you try this command instead?

helm install consul hashicorp/consul --set, global.logLevel=error -n prod --version 0.25.0