Setting up Azure SSO for Terraform Cloud (Free) - Not seamless

We are currently using the Terraform Cloud Free license and jut configured Azure SSO integration. It looks like everything is configured correctly by using both the Microsoft docs and Terraform docs. I am able to log in using Azure SSO. I can see my Azure SSO integration when looking at my account.

However, the issue is that when I am logged out and navigate to:, I am always presented with a Sign In to HCP Terraform. It presents me with a username and password selection and an additional link to Sign in with Terraform SSO. When clicking on that link, I am presented with a Organization name form and need to type in my case sensitive org name exactly.

When navigating to, the link to terraform Cloud is there. However, it does not automatically log me in, but sends me to that generic login page again, I have to click on Sign in with Terraform SSO, and then on the next screen I have to typ ein my case-sensitive org name.

Although SSO works, this is not the experience I am expecting. I would especially expect that when using it would automatically log me in without any intervention like all of my other SSO apps.

Am I missing something or is this just how the process works for Terraform SSO with Azure??