Setting up UI Metrics with Consul and Prometheus

Hello All,

First off I’m new to the community and loving HashiStack so far.

So what I’m running into and I’m most likely overthinking and just not doing something correctly, but I was following along with Consul’s documentation Consul Doc

We currently have Prometheus spun up and working on Nomad and Im trying to get the UI working on Consul by changing the consul.hcl file.

I believe it might be a DNS issue or I guess I’m not sure what URL to use for Prometheus if someone can help me out on that front.

ui_config {
enabled = true
metrics_provider = “prometheus”
metrics_proxy {
base_url = “not sure what to put here”

Any advice is useful

Hi @kyle.monschein,

The base_url parameter should be set to the URL where the Prometheus server can be accessed.

For example, if Prometheus is hosted on an HTTP server at, base_url needs to be set to

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