Setting VSphere Distributed Switch Port VLAN Override

I found the setting in the terraform vsphere provider that allows DVS Ports to override settings, in my case the VLAN setting.
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Is it possible to SET this DVS port overrides for VLANs with terraform?

Judging from the documentation, you should add the attribute you found to the resource description and set it to true

resource "vsphere_distributed_port_group" "pg" {
  name                            = "terraform-test-pg"
  vlan_override_allowed = true

Did you try that ?

I know I can set the “allow single ports of portgroup to overwrite VLAN settings” policy… I am looking for a way to SET the single-port VLAN policy…

I have looked through the sourcecode of the vsphere provider of terraform in the last days and could not find anything… port settings seem only to be used for “default port policy”.

Could it be that the setting is just not available in Terraform?

Oh, I missunderstood :upside_down_face:
I did not see anything either on the port level, it does not seem to be implemented yet