Setup-terraform SSL issues in GitHub Actions

Hi Terraform Community.

I am just reaching our regarding an issue we are having with the setup-terraform GitHub Action to install terraform on our self-hosted runners. (GitHub - hashicorp/setup-terraform: Sets up Terraform CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow.)

As part of our github actions we wish to run the setup-terraform installer(v2.0.3) action before executing our terraform commands for infrastructure creation.

As our runners are hosted on-prem we are operating behind a firewall - this firewall has the required URLs (releases/registry) whitelisted and we can reach them with no issue. However since our connection to the outside world is proxied through this firewall then we traditionally get a self-signed cert cert error until we have added the trusted CA certs for our firewall to the configuration.

We point at our custom CA Cert file using the Node environment variable (NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS). However we are observing that we are still getting self signed cert error when we try to execute this action.
Error: Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain
Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

We have tried using just the Firewalls CA Cert with no change in results in addition to a wider range of CA certs that may be blocking it.

We have a similar setup using the Azure DevOps task for installing terraform and after adding the CA Certs in the same manner it is working as expected.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen similar behaviour?