Should I Use kubernetes_* or kubernetes_*_v1 Resources?

I’m using the hashicorp/kubernetes provider to manage resources within Amazon EKS.

The provider has generally two variants of each resource, e.g.:

  1. kubernetes_namespace
  2. kubernetes_namespace_v1

I’ve been through the provider docs and there is no mention of which type of resource I should be using. Should I use kubernetes_namespace or kubernetes_namespace_v1? Which one of these represents the most up-to-date version of the Kubernetes API? Is v1 newer than the ones without, or older?

In HashiCorp’s Kubernetes provider, the resource variants with _v1 suffix generally indicate that they correspond to the Kubernetes API version 1.

As of my last update, Kubernetes resources often come in multiple versions to support backward compatibility with older API versions. Typically, v1 represents the most stable and widely used version of the resource.

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