Sibling Task Failed Task's sibling "api-task" failed

Hello. I have a group with two tasks. First task was not started by known reasons. But I can not understand why redis task was not started. The ‘Logs’ tab for this task is empty. I have only this message:

I tried to dig the documentation, but did not find anything related to this error message.

Here I do not understand why redis is counted as sibling and why it does not work independently.

Hi @EugenKon,

These are both tasks within a single group and so form an allocation, meaning they must run on a client together per placement. In the event one of the tasks fails and the failure is classified as terminal and has exhausted any restart attempts, the entire allocation will be considered failed.

If these tasks can operate independently of each other, I would suggest running them in different groups.

jrasell and the nomad team

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