Skip provider installation on init locally|Terraform Enterprise + Bundles

Hello Everyone,

There’s a terraform enterprise setup which has various bundle versions installed and is being used as a remote backend(with remote runs). While doing terraform init on the local machine which doesn’t have access to any provider registries(Due to restrictions) it fails saying “hashicorp/random” was not found in any of the search locations.

I’m using the direct and exclude */*/* method of provider installation to avoid making any network calls, but also don’t want to provide a local mirror with all providers as they’re available in terraform enterprise which will automatically get picked up when the remote run happens. Anyone knows how to achieve this? Thanks in advance

My understanding of what’s happening with Terraform enterprise remote runs:

  • Current terraform working directory is zipped and uploaded to enterprise(Excluding providers)
  • Terraform enterprise has it’s own binary and providers(Using bundles) which then performs plan, apply, destroy etc using providers from it’s own environment
  • So, why do we need providers locally during init(Restricted environment)?