[Solved] Raft HA: All nodes in standby modes

I have been using vault with one node only and S3 backend. It works perfectly but now I’m trying to use 3 nodes using raft HA.
All my nodes are unsealed but they all remain in standby mode, and when I try to join a raft, the following message is displayed: “* unable to fetch leadership entry”.

“vault status” displays the following:
HA Enabled: true
HA Cluster: n/a
HA Mode: standby
Active Node Address:

Any idea?

Thank you!

I don’t have this problem with a brand new S3 bucket, but I’d like to keep going with the old one

Its pretty hard to troubleshoot without your config files…

Found the answer here :slight_smile: How to migrate from non-ha backend to non-ha backend + raft ha_backend