Special Characters in a Variable String


I’m new to Terraform, so please excuse my ignorance:
I am trying to pass in a name of an ECR repository I’m creating in TF, and in the quotations I have the name of the ECR to be (example: company/prod/name). The name is formatted to include org.website.xx. Included in my TF script is a variable that is passing in a list of repos to create. Everything is working good with the exception that Terraform is ignoring the “.” in the name, so it creates it as “orgwebsitexx” instead of “org.website.xx”.

Is there a link to how to fix this, or what do I need to do to force the “.” to be included in the name?


Hi @eredinger-ccc,

Terraform itself doesn’t have any behaviors that would automatically strip out parts of strings, so I assume this must be part of the behavior of a particular provider or remote API. From your question I’m not really sure which one, though. It might help if you can share the full configuration of the resource you’re describing and show the plan that Terraform proposes when you run terraform plan, in order to narrow down which component is actually responsible for the behavior you’re talking about.

Hello @apparentlymart , here’s some info:2021-08-18 10_53_31-Window
2021-08-18 10_54_48-Window

Thank you for your assistance!

I figured it out! There’s a variable called “regex_replace_chars” on their documentation. By default, it is set to “yes”. If you set it to “no”, it will allow you to include the period!

Thank you, this issue is resolved.