Specify an AWS "built-in" Layer for a Lambda

Greetings, I am attempting to use an AWS maintained arn for a Lambda Layer’s source. Would the below configuration be best practice or would it even work?

resource "aws_lambda_layer_version" "lambda_layer" {
  #filename            = "python37-pandas.zip"
  layer_name          = "aws-pandas-py38-layer"
  compatible_runtimes = ["python3.8"]
  arn = "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:336392948345:layer:AWSSDKPandas-Python38:1"

module "lambda_test" {
  layers  = [aws_lambda_layer_version.lambda_layer.arn]
  environment = {    
    variables = {
      destination_bucket_name = "us-east-1-silver-sbx-${terraform.workspace}"

As a sidenote, could I specify a static layer arn directly on the lambda module?

I solved it. Since layers is an array of arn, I can simply apply the arn to the layer:

layers = [“arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:336392948345:layer:AWSSDKPandas-Python38:1”]