Speculative Plan (PR) not triggering with git tag based "Run Triggers"

I have a TF Cloud Workspace configured (via Terraform TFE provider) as follows:

Version Control → GitHub via OAuth
Run Triggers → “Trigger runs when a git tag is published” (selected) + “Version contains a prefix” (selected)
VCS Branch → “(default branch)”
Pull Requests → “Automatic speculative plans” (selected)

When I open a PR targeting the default branch, a speculative plan does not trigger. Is this expected behaviour based on the above settings; are Run Triggers and PR Speculative Plans linked to the same trigger configuration? Based on the reading I’ve been doing I’d expect the SP to trigger:

Any help much appreciated, I’m not sure how to get both SPs and tag based triggers (to integrate with GitHub releases) working at the moment.

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I’m facing the same issue.