Speculative Plan (PR) not triggering with git tag based "Run Triggers"

I have a TF Cloud Workspace configured (via Terraform TFE provider) as follows:

Version Control → GitHub via OAuth
Run Triggers → “Trigger runs when a git tag is published” (selected) + “Version contains a prefix” (selected)
VCS Branch → “(default branch)”
Pull Requests → “Automatic speculative plans” (selected)

When I open a PR targeting the default branch, a speculative plan does not trigger. Is this expected behaviour based on the above settings; are Run Triggers and PR Speculative Plans linked to the same trigger configuration? Based on the reading I’ve been doing I’d expect the SP to trigger:

Any help much appreciated, I’m not sure how to get both SPs and tag based triggers (to integrate with GitHub releases) working at the moment.

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I’m facing the same issue.

I’m also facing the same issue.

I’m having similar issues. I will make changes and save up to the cloud, assuming it will trigger the plan but it just queues.

It’s been like this all day. Is it related to the issues reporting here earlier?