Split config file


I just install my first vault cluster and do some tests - everything is working but i have issue with tuning my configuration.
I want to keep template sections in multiple external files related to services - eg. apache.hcl, mysql.hcl. Unfortunately I’m unable to find any of examples of such configuration in documentation.
vault agent also seems to provide no option to use directory instead file in -config parameter.

Thanks for any sugestions

It just concats the files it finds in the config folder. What exactly are you looking for info on?

As for agent, yes, its usually a more compact deployment so a single config file makes sense. Do you have a use case to break out the agent configs?

Hi @mikegreen,

Thanks for answer.
For last few days i had a time to check vault source code and I found that agent don’t have support to multiple files (however this is easy to implement because this code is alteady in vault server part of code) .

Config concatenation is solution I have now but it will be nice if vault can handle this out of the box.

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