SSL Certificates key_vault_secret_id not recognised

Hi. I’m trying to install a certificate into an Application Gateway.
However following the documentation I have used key_vault_secret_id in the ssl_certificate
ssl_certificate {
name = var.pfx_certificate_name
key_vault_secret_id = “https://[redacted]”
password = data.azurerm_key_vault_secret.cert-password.value
but I am getting error messages around this config:

The argument "data" is required, but no definition was found.
An argument named "key_vault_secret_id" is not expected here.

This is confusing as the documentation states the ssl_certificate block makes data optional if the key_vault_secret_id is set. What am I doing wrong?
I am using the following versions:

Terraform v0.12.26

  • provider.azuread v0.8.0
  • provider.azurerm v1.44.0
  • provider.null v2.1.2
  • provider.random v2.2.1
  • provider.template v2.1.2