Stop/Start Stream Analytics Job on Apply

Hi - I have been looking around online and on terraform’s site for a solution to this issue but haven’t found anything that quite matches. We are using terraform to provision 3 environments for a fairly large project. We recently started using Stream Analytics in conjection with IoT Hub and Event Hub. One issue we are running into is that the Stream Analytics job does not start automatically after creation. In addition, when there are changes to the definition, an apply will fail if the SA job is running and we need to manually stop the job and then start it again after terraform is done applying changes. Is there a solution to this? I have been looking into using a null_resource provisioner for this and having powershell stop and start the SA job each time an apply is done, but that doesn’t seem to be a super elegant solution. I’m also unsure if the rest of the terraform job will wait for the job to stop before it applies the changes.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!