Storage migration: consule to postgresql

hi, we are trying to migrate vault cluster’s storage from consul to postgresql
however i dont see there is any related documents, i found there is doc regarding migration from consul to integraed storage though
i was wondering if anyone has any experience with this migration
what is the things to be done, and what kind of things we need to be careful of
thank you

There is a specific migration document for Consul to Raft as that’s a migration from the old recommended option to the new recommended option.

Anyone who’s using other backends is expected to extrapolate as necessary themselves.

Personally, I would not use PostgreSQL for Vault - there’s nothing wrong with PostgreSQL as a SQL database, but the data layout Vault uses (hierarchical) isn’t a very good fit for SQL, as can be seen with the rather crazily complex (and slow!) SQL queries needed to implement the “list” operation.

The PostgreSQL storage backend for Vault is also a community-supported one - see the caveat on PostgreSQL - Storage Backends - Configuration | Vault by HashiCorp - and given it doesn’t even support automatically creating the appropriate database schema in code, instead requiring the user to read the docs and set it up manually, it doesn’t feel that mature to me.