Storage.raft: failed to appendEntries Error="dial tcp 10.XX.XX.XX:8201: connect: connection Refused"

Hi I am getting this error where the new node is not able to be added to the raft cluster.
and when i journalctl and check the logs on the leader i am seeing that at first the new node gets added to the raft cluster and updates the configuration.
but once the replication start and the leader is trying to communicate it fails with this error:
storage.raft: failed to appendEntries Error=“dial tcp 10.XX.XX.XX:8201: connect: connection Refused”
appendEntries rejected and then it removes that node from the raft cluster.

I have looked at all the network configurations and looks to be fine. Not sure what can be the cause of this issue. can someone provide some insight. Thank you.

The error message is pretty specific… your current leader gets a connection refused error connecting to the stated IP and port.

Why is that? Is the IP address correct? Is a firewall in the way?

Beyond that, there’s not much more that people can say without seeing more of your logs and configurations.

Thank you for the answer @maxb

I am looking into the logs but there is not much information providing the insight.

Also, TLS is disabled in my raft cluster. And I am also seeing this error=“remote error: TLS: Internal Error”

I am also using version 1.7.3 So can this be another one of the bug that has been seen previously?

I think you’re going to have to post a much larger and more complete section of your logs - not just individual partial lines - if people are going to have a chance of figuring out what’s going on. Logs from both the leader, and the node attempting to join, are likely to be needed.

Please also confirm whether the IP address in the error really is the correct address of the node attempting to join.

Vault always uses TLS on port 8201 internally - regardless of whether you turn it off for user connections on 8200 or not.

Vault 1.7 is an unreasonably old version to be still running these days - it no longer gets bugfix releases, and most people have probably forgotten the details of bugs fixed so long ago.