Struggling with numerous plan log for many aws_s3_object resource changes

I’m deploying frontend application hosted by AWS S3 bucket using aws_s3_object resource. When I add some changes for the application, I always see numerous plan of changed aws_s3_object resources (over 100) so I cannot see any other important resource changes. In this case, it is enough to know the frontend bundle’s hash has changed and needs to be deployed again.

I have some ideas, but both of them are not so good.

1. terrafrom_data resource

Uploads files using AWS CLI. aws s3 sync is promising, but it has a problem it cannot set object metadata for each file.

2. Custom provider

This is a bit overwhelming for this simple requirement. Additionally, it requires users to configure the provider in the same way as AWS Provider.

Do you have any good ideas for this situation?

Something like AWS CDK’s s3-deployment module would be ideal