Stuck on how to push Terraform variables into external data resources

So , I am wondering if anyone could help here, I am truly lost. My task is to run an aws cli command to pull back the Tagged value as shown

So I invoke as you would expect like this

data "external" "awscli-query" {
  program = ["bash", "${path.module}/"]
  query = {
   env = "${var.account_name}"

Then parse the shell like this

set -e

# Extract arguments from the input into shell variables.
# jq will ensure that the values are properly quoted
# and escaped for consumption by the shell.
eval "$(jq -r 'to_entries[] | "\(.key | ascii_upcase)=\(.value | @sh)"')"
eval "$(jq -r '@sh "ENV=\(.env)"')"

billing_ID=$(aws organizations list-tags-for-resource --resource **<$env>** --....


Can you put variables in like shown , a little confused