Support for azurerm_dns_zone modify soa_record

I want to change only the ttl value of soa using azurerm_dns_zone when create/update.

However, azurem_dns_zone requires host_name.

Basically, I know that when dns zone is created, it is designated as a default value, but is it necessary to specify this value again?

The code that I need

resource "azurerm_dns_zone" "example-public" {
  name = ""
  resource_group_name =

  soa_record {
  ttl = 3000

If essential, can I easily get the value of host_name (name server) of the code currently deployed by default?

I tried to use the name_servers of data azurem_dns_zone, but I couldn’t get it. because I was reading the total name server. (I have about 70 domains.)