Tags and run_tags

Hey all.

Im using packer to build an AMI in AWS. I’ve been reading about tagging my AMI and the running instance. The two methods are ‘tags’ and ‘run_tags’.

Unfortunately ‘run_tags’ are also inherited by the finished AMI, but in my scenario I don’t want this to be the case. I do require specific run_tags to perform some of the provisioning of the AMI, but I don’t need them on the final AMI.

Is there a way to separate these two?

I found this issue where they made the change to always include run_tags on the final AMI, but no way not to.


I have a similar use case, and also don’t see any way to do this. (Would like to add some tags to builder resources to ensure they are cleaned up in case of aborted build, but not to the AMI itself).