Tags unavailable on TF resources of Flexible Engine


For billing reports, I notice that tag management is missing for the following services : DWS (Data Warehouse Service) and OBS ( Object Storage Service).
We can add tags manually using the console but those terraform resources do not support tagging.

Terraform Version
Version 1.37.0

Affected Resource(s)

  • flexibleengine_dws_cluster_v1
  • flexibleengine_obs_bucket

Thanks in advance.

There is no such version of Terraform. You are probably reporting the version of a particular Terraform provider plugin.

You should report this feature gap to the issue tracker of this provider plugin.

I apologize for my error regarding the versions.
Terraform Version


Please report the issue directly to the provider project: Issues · FlexibleEngineCloud/terraform-provider-flexibleengine · GitHub

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okey thank you for your help