TargetTrackingScaling Cloudwatch alarm missing data treatment in aws

I cannot modify the automatically created Cloudwatch alarms for TargetTrackingScaling policy type in AWS via terraform. I created a resource below.

resource "aws_autoscaling_policy" "my_autoscale_policy" {
name = "my-auto-scale-policy"
autoscaling_group_name =  "${}"
policy_type            = "TargetTrackingScaling"
target_tracking_configuration {
customized_metric_specification {
    metric_dimension {
        name = "QueueName"
        value = "${}"

  metric_name = "ApproximateNumberOfMessagesVisible"
  namespace = "AWS/SQS"
  statistic = "Maximum"

target_value = "5" 

This code works perfectly. It will automatically create 2 alarms (High and Low). However, I noticed that the alarms (specifically the “Low” alarms will be treated as “alarm” because it doesn’t have a data yet (missing data). How can I update “missing data treatment” and have it ‘none breaching’ via terraform?