Team- IS West Coast Ninjas

This project used Vault to facilitate a “Grinch Exchange”


The repo I worked off of:

We stored our gifts in Vault and then stole them from each other in a “white-elephant-ish” exchange.

Our Vault server is deployed in AWS using Terraform and is accessible at:

More info to come…


This video highlights how we used Vault in our Holiday Grinch Exchange for the Implementation Services Team at HashiCorp.

Team members entered their gifts using these instructions

Then, we got together before the end of the year as a team and did an exchange. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and busy holiday season, I didn’t get as far as I hoped to with an app… but I wanted to share what I did do.

This poor app is still live, but static…

Hooray. Happy New Year!


Also, this:

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I am literally blown away, this is soo cool

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