Template block and change_mode = "noop"

Hey all,

according to the github link below, it seems the change_mode of the template block is only working for vault/consul (maybe also nomad?) key value changes.

I tried it out with a simple use case and this seems to be true. Changing the the template content will always restart the allocation. Changing a consul value referenced in the template behaves as expected.

I think the documentation is pretty misleading as it states:

Specifies the behavior Nomad should take if the rendered template changes.

In my case I have a traefik job and would like traefik to handle config changes/reloads. Problem is that I would like to use nomad runtime variables in the traefik config template.

For example:

    directory: {{ env "NOMAD_ALLOC_DIR" }}/traefik_config
    watch: true

At this point I am not sure what to do. Restarting the allocation can lead to possible service interruptions due to downtime/dropped connections. Having traefik handle the config reload sounds way more resilient (and the way it was supposed to be done).

I am sure I am not the only one facing this problem. How do others handle traefik config changes in a nomad cluster without incurring downtime?