Terraform 0.13.3 with azurerm 2.29.0 Error: "features": required field is not set

Hello, I have recently upgraded to Terraform 0.13.3 along with azurerm to 2.29.0 in the code. Since that time I have had NOTHING BUT ERRORS and really no help or solution. I have scanned other issues/tickets/forums stating this problem.

On performing this change - now on any ‘terraform validate’ operation I get the following error:

Error: “features”: required field is not set

On the forums I have looked at and I have not been talked to from a direct contributor to the azurerm ( scolded for it ) that all I have to do is place the following in my code:

provider “azurerm” {
alias = “azurerm-test”
features {}

I have placed that block in EVERY SINGLE CALL MADE, in main.tf and any submodule loading this provider, still the same error, same result - ERROR.

This upgrade has worked 100% correctly for AWS - should I shift to that cloud provider while this stabilizes?