Terraform || Amazon SQL RDS DB

I have one more query.
The Amazon SQL RDS DB instance, which we are creating is of version 15.0 SE. We need to enable option “enable Microsoft SQL Server Windows authentication” under Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication, but we are getting below error message.

Error: creating RDS DB Instance (eqms-test-sqlserver-se-db-b71ba98f): InvalidParameterCombination: IAM Database Authentication is not supported for this configuration.
│ status code: 400, request id: e96c81b4-4f0b-40bc-889c-2e43cfaaf419

Terraform module used is “rds” module.

module “rds” {
source = “terraform-aws-modules/rds/aws”
version = “>= 5.0”

providers = {
aws = aws.mapdba

// other code
iam_database_authentication_enabled = true

/// end of code