Terraform apply -backend-config=environnement

I facing this fellow error when i trying to run terraform apply from backend file knowing that the terraform project well initiated.

│ Error: Failed to parse command-line flags

│ flag provided but not defined: -backend-config

For more help on using this command, run:
terraform apply -help

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Hey @dahache.salah,

From the error message I can see that you’ve used the terraform apply command with the -backend-config flag. The -backend-config flag is meant for use with terraform init. This command initializes Terraform by downloading the required providers, configuring the backend, and more. The backend configuration is only needed during the init phase of Terraform, not during the plan or apply.

Examples of using the -backend-config flag with a file:

$ terarform init -backend-config=env/dev/backend-config.tf

If you have any follow-up questions, let me know! :blush:

Hi bschaatsbergen,
Yes exactly what I do, I initialized the terraform from backend configuration file
terraform init -backend-config=environnement/deploy.dynamic.http.tfbackend

Hey @dahache.salah,

You only need to include the -backend-config flag during the initialization phase of Terraform. It’s neither supported nor intended to be included as part of a terraform plan or terraform apply . Does this answer your question accordingly? :slight_smile: