Terraform apply fails to create ec2 instances. it is complaining about the vpc_security_group_is

here is the code:
esource “aws_instance” “PublicEC2” {
ami = “mi-0e9089763828757e1”
instance_type = “t2.micro”
vpc_security_group_ids = “{aws_security_group.allow_ssh.id}" subnet_id = "{aws_subnet.lme_public-1a.id}”
key_name = “mykeyname”

tags = {
    Name = "PublicEC2"

depends_on = [aws_vpc.lme_vpc, aws_subnet.lme_public-1a, aws_security_group.allow_ssh]


it is throwing the following error:

Error: Incorrect attribute value type

on ec2.tf line 5, in resource “aws_instance” “PublicEC2”:
5: vpc_security_group_ids = “${aws_security_group.allow_ssh.id}”

Inappropriate value for attribute “vpc_security_group_ids”: set of string

I omitted the letter a in ami upon copying the file into the forum.