Terraform | Apply value to the first element

Hello, I’m facing a problem with applying bool value to first element of resource.
Resource itself creates with for_each function, here is the code:

resource "aws_vpc_endpoint" "cluster_ecrdkr"  {
   for_each   = { for id, subnet in local.subnet.cluster.self : id => subnet if local.target.init.registry && local.subnet.cluster.init }
   depends_on = [ var.dependency, data.aws_vpc_endpoint_service.ecr_dkr ]

   subnet_ids          = [ each.value ]
   private_dns_enabled = true

So problem is, I’ve in total 3 resource (cluster_ecrdkr) based on how much subnets I have (3 subnets), but attribute private_dns_enabled is only valid for only 1 endpoint, here is the error:

Error creating VPC Endpoint: InvalidParameter: private-dns-enabled cannot be set because there is already a conflicting DNS domain for *.dkr.ecr.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com in the VPC vpc-026cb64a33ccdcd96
│ 	status code: 400, request id: a152a654-aca1-4ef3-a688-6e451d4af584

Can someone help me to resolve this situation