Terraform appsync resource error

I am trying to provision appsync resource and I keep getting this error:

│ Error: Invalid expression

│ on main.tf line 984, in resource “aws_appsync_graphql_api” “appsync”:
│ 984: schema = <<EOF

│ Expected the start of an expression, but found an invalid expression token.

│ Error: Argument or block definition required

│ on main.tf line 986, in resource “aws_appsync_graphql_api” “appsync”:
│ 986: id: String!

│ An argument or block definition is required here. To set an argument, use
│ the equals sign “=” to introduce the argument value.

resource "aws_appsync_graphql_api" "appsync" {
  authentication_type = "API_KEY"
  name                = var.app_sync_api_name  
  schema              = <<EOF  
 type Agent {
	id: String!
	FirstName: String
	LastName: String
	AgentStatus: String
	StatusChangeTime: String
	StatusReason: String
	ActiveQueue: String
	LoginTime: String
	HierarchyLevel1: String
	HierarchyLevel2: String
	HierarchyLevel3: String
	HierarchyLevel4: String
	HierarchyLevel5: String
	PreviousAgentStatus: String
	PreviousAgentStatusTime: String
	PreviousStatusDuration: String
	Preferences: [Preferences]
  log_config {
    cloudwatch_logs_role_arn = var.app_sync_role_arn
    field_log_level          = "ALL"
    exclude_verbose_content  = true
  tags = var.tags

Could you remove any extra whitespaces after EOF?