Terraform AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless "currently unavailable"

Could someone please help me instantiate a Serverless Aurora PostgreSQL through Terraform?

I am using the resource aws_rds_cluster and aws_rds_cluster_instance to build a Serverless Aurora PostgreSQL in us-west-2 with the latest versions. However, I keep getting the error message.

My research indicated this is likely because of engine_version, but I do not know exactly. I have been playing with this all day without any luck.

Error Message:
“InvalidParameterValue: The engine mode serverless you requested is currently unavailable.”

Terraform version:
Terraform v0.12.24

  • provider.aws v2.60.0
  • provider.external v1.2.0
  • provider.http v1.2.0
  • provider.local v1.4.0
  • provider.null v2.1.2
  • provider.random v2.2.1

I figured it out. It was an id10t problem. The bug was between the chair and the keyboard.

Everything I needed was in here:

aws rds describe-db-engine-versions

I was being an ijit.

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