Terraform AWS Provider behaviour

Hello, I’ve an IaC in terraform, which deploying the EKS with Worker Nodes. For testing purposes I’ve deployed them in eu-west-1 (Ireland), and when I’m trying to deploy the same code in eu-central-1 (Frankfurt), the worker nodes could not join to cluster. I’ve checked the quotas of AWS Services, they’re same, but behaviour is completely different, maybe someone already faced such issue, and found solution?

Is your iaC creating the EKS cluster and Worker Nodes in the region or is simply trying to deploy the Worker Nodes? Also you didn’t specify but are you trying to get the work nodes in the eu-central-1 region to join the cluster in the eu-west-1 region that your previous testing nodes were using? I haven’t used EKS myself, but I’ve worked extensively with ECS and the clusters are region specific. So if you’re trying to have the worker nodes join a cluster cross-region that could be the issue you’re experiencing.

Hello, @jbouse I did not specified because I’m not trying to join workers which are in different region. There is no any cross-region actions. Yes my IaC is creating both EKS Cluster and its Worker Nodes.

Hello @unity-unity ,

Okay, so my initial posit was off but clears that up. This does sound odd as this was something I’ve done myself with ECS clusters before, write and test in one region before deploying in another region. Is there any other behavior noticeable besides the fact the nodes are not joining the cluster? I assume the terraform apply doesn’t show any indication that it was unable to request the resources? If you could share some of the IaC I could try and duplicate myself within 1 of my AWS accounts and see if I see the same behavior or possibly identify something that is off.

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Hi, @jbouse I think it is more on AWS quota limitation, no any other idea comes to my mind