Terraform Azure module to associate VM's to load balancer backend pools using IP address instead of NIC

Hi Team,

I have manually associated VM’s to backend pool of load balancer using IP address as shown below instead of NIC.

For the same configuration using terraform am not able to find the association to backend pools using IP address, but am able to find the other method which is using NIC

Example: ```
resource “azurerm_network_interface_backend_address_pool_association” “example” {
network_interface_id = azurerm_network_interface.example.id
ip_configuration_name = “testconfiguration1”
backend_address_pool_id = azurerm_lb_backend_address_pool.example.id

As said above I do not require the association using Network Interface.
I have been stuck at this point and have been searching for the module but unfortunately not able to find it
Can you please help me to find the related terraform module to associate VM's using IP address to backend pools