Terraform Azurerm WebApp -> Windows Python WebApp but Stack kept on ASP


I am trying to create a WebApp using Azurerm Terraform module. My WebApp have to be a Windows Python one. The problem is that once it is applied the stack version is the default one ASP with .NEt4.8. So i need to modify that to python 3.6 manually. I am trying to understand how this can be achieved without any manual configuration but using terraform only.
I have trying using the option “windows_fx_version” with value “python|3.6”, similar to “linux_fx_version” without any success.

I am sending my site config:

site_config {
ftps_state = “Disabled”
min_tls_version = “1.2”
python_version = “3.4”
windows_fx_version = “python|3.6”