Terraform Cisco ACI Provider gives unknown property value error

I’m trying to deploy a Cisco ACI fabric, layering the config on step-by-step trying to learn Terraform. I’m able to add a VLAN pool just fine, but I can’t figure out how to add an encapsulation block (VLAN range) to the VLAN pool. The provider documentation is pretty terrible. Here’s a snippet of my terraform file:

resource "aci_vlan_pool" "External-VLAN-Pool" {
  name  = "External-VLAN-Pool"
  alloc_mode  = "static"

resource "aci_ranges" "Test-Encap-Block" {
  vlan_pool_dn  = "${aci_vlan_pool.External-VLAN-Pool.id}"
  _from  = "101"
  to  = "101"
  alloc_mode  = "static"
  annotation  = "example"
  from  = "101"
  name_alias  = "example"
  role  = "example"

When I apply I get this:
aci_ranges.Test-Encap-Block: Creating…

Error: unknown property value uni/infra/vlanns-[External-VLAN-Pool]-static/from-[101]-to-[101], name dn, class fvnsEncapBlk [(Dn0)] Dn0=,

on aci.tf line 56, in resource “aci_ranges” “Test-Encap-Block”:
56: resource “aci_ranges” “Test-Encap-Block” {

It is working now. The vlan has to be in the format “vlan-” + [vlan id]