Terraform CLI v1.6.2 released


Today we released Terraform CLI v1.6.2, which is a patch release containing a number of fixes:

terraform test: Fix performance issues when using provisioners within configs being tested.
terraform test: Only process and parse relevant variables for each run block.
Fix occasional crash when destroying configurations with variables containing validations.
Fix interoperability issues between v1.6 series and earlier series by removing variable validations from the state file.
cloud: Fixes panic when saving state in Terraform Cloud when certain types of API errors are returned.
config: Fix crash in conditional statements with certain combinations of unknown values. Improve handling of refined values into the conditional expression results.
config: Update HCL to fix a bug when decoding objects with optional attributes.
backend/s3: Some configurations would require -reconfigure during each init when config was not decoded correctly.

Full changelog here: