Terraform Cloud- Auto Apply from GitHub

I am trying to use the Auto Apply setting in a Terraform Cloud workspace. I have the VCS OAuth set up to public GitHub, and changes to the master branch are successfully triggering plans. However, with the “Apply Method” set to Auto Apply, those auto-triggered plans require manual confirmation in the Terraform Cloud console every time.

My configuration is in a subdirectory of the repo so I have the Working Directory set, and the workspace to trigger changes only on that subdirectory.

The only way I can get Auto Apply to work is to manually queue a plan myself, using my Terraform Cloud account directly in the console.

According to the documentation, auto-apply will not work if the user triggering the plan is not authorized to apply. The “triggering user” of the runs that are triggered through Github is my Github user. I don’t see a way to set permissions for the Github user.

What am I doing wrong? Is this a paid feature only? Thanks.

At the end of my rope on this one.

I’m using two accounts: my personal TC and GH accounts using my personal email.
My test TC and GH accounts using a test email (something like genericdev03@foo.com)

My personal accounts work. I can initiate an auto-applied run from my personal accounts.

The test account WILL NOT WORK. I have the exact same username and email between the TC and GH test accounts. The email and username are set correctly in the repo (git config user.name and user.email).

I’ve tried a forked and unforked repo. No difference.

I set up a Gravatar on the test account just for grins. No help.

This feels like some bizarre corner case. I don’t have time to set up an entire separate test account to keep trying. If anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated.